Abilify Gambling Loss Lawsuit Claims

Abilify Gambling Loss Lawsuit Claims

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Abilify has been linked to uncharacteristic gambling addictions and other compulsive behaviors that result in extreme debt.

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Did the victim develop compulsive gambling behavior while taking Abilify?
Was the victim’s total gambling loss at least $30,000?
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Possible Side Effects

  • Excessive compulsive gambling

Injury Claim Information

Some patients have spent thousands on gambling because of how Abilify interacts with their brain. The manufacturers provided no warning about this life-changing side effect. Consumers are suing the manufacturer for negligent behavior.


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What Is Abilify?

Abilify (aripiprazole) is a dopamine agonist, which means that it causes the brain to release its “reward” or “pleasure” hormone. It is used as an antipsychotic medication to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and other mental diseases. The FDA approved Abilify in 2002, but the FDA has also released several warnings related to the drug since that time. Abilify is one of the top-selling antipsychotic drugs in the United States; in 2014, Abilify generated $6.9 billion in revenue.

Abilify Lawsuit Claims Overview

Many Abilify patients are experiencing uncontrollable gambling addictions. They are borrowing money, using credit cards, and otherwise gambling when they cannot afford it. Some have reported to have feelings that they cannot live without gambling. Though the side effects are often not physical, the side effects leave people with crippling debts that are both psychologically damaging and financially ruinous.

Consumers are suing Otsuka and Bristol-Myers Squibb for either not performing sufficient research or intentionally withholding information about Abilify’s most severe side effects. The lawsuits currently being filed focus on gambling in excess of $30,000.

Justice You Deserve

If you believe Abilify may have caused a major addiction to gambling in yourself or your loved one, you may qualify to file an Abilify lawsuit. Get a free evaluation today to see if you may be eligible.