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What is Hernia Mesh?

Hernia mesh is a sterile, surgically implanted repair patch that’s woven from flexible, non-absorbable polypropylene filaments. To reduce the risk of internal adhesion, this mesh is then sealed between two layers of Monocryl (polygleparone), which is a polymer film that has anti-inflammatory properties. Prior to May 2016, doctors implanted this medical device using laparoscopic surgery in order to repair open ventral hernias located in a patient’s abdomen.

Ventral hernias occur when an internal organ protrudes through a hole or defect in the abdominal wall. This can happen on or near the site of a surgical incision long after the area has already healed or an injury produces scar tissue. Since pregnancy is a major ventral hernia risk factor, many Hernia Mesh patients are women who delivered children via caesarean section. Unfortunately, surgery is the only way to repair a ventral hernia.

Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Information

Another hernia repair patient who had a hernia mesh patch implanted in 2014 tried to have the device surgically removed in 2015 due to chronic abdominal pain. According to the plaintiff’s September 2016 Hernia Mesh lawsuit, some of the patch’s material grew into her intestines and therefore wasn’t retrievable. The plaintiff alleges a defective Hernia Mesh patch led to ongoing bowel obstruction and painful abdominal adhesions. Due to the high rates of hernia recurrence and serious side effects reported by hernia patients implanted with Hernia Mesh, more lawsuits may still be filed against device manufacturer Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary, Ethicon.

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